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Ben Allen,

I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to follow up with you on where I'm at with using the GreenFire wetting agent here at the Riverside City Fire Dept. As you already know, this is exciting to see a wetting agent of this caliber. Having worked in the fire service for over twenty-five years, the past ten as an engineer on one of the busiest engine companies in Riverside, I have responded to many fires, as I'm sure you can imagine. Also, during that time, I have been directly involved with purchasing for our department’s fire safety gear, and I can appreciate it when something like this comes along. In my years of serving in the fire department, there has never been one solution that will not only suppress, but completely extinguish every class of fire, and is [environmentally friendly]. As I expected, my Training Chief and Battalion Chief are both very interested in bringing on the product for our use. In our conversations about using the wetting agent, I am pleased to report that my Battalion Chief wants me to use the product in my engine company until we can officially purchase the product through you. As I stated earlier, I have never seen a product like this; it will change the future of the fire service. This is very exciting.

Chad Selk
Fire Engineer, Sta. 2
Fire Ops/Hazmat Specialist
Riverside City Fire Department
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Green Fire allows us to protect our cultivated lands without fear of chemical contaminates. This wet agent also provides a targeted application for our packing facilities and eliminates the old problem powder extinguishers created: filling a room with chemical dust and ruining all our product. It’s clean, effective, and the best part is that we can service the units ourselves ! FSI saves us valuable time and money every step of the way in fire protection!

Brandon Miller
Co-Founder and Vice President
Commanche Creek Farms (Certified Organic)
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In the plumbing and construction world, we have been lacking of a product of this nature and we are thrilled to see an invention that is both environmentally responsible and also food safe. It is always a matter of great concern when choosing products, to pick one that would not be potentially damaging to the environment and the people using them. It is truly quite amazing to use something that works so efficiently to prevent fire flare ups while soldering or welding in a high burn risk area and what a relief to be using a bio-based product.

Seth Sundquist
Ironwood Plumbing
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