The Story Behind GreenFire®

What will you use to protect the people and property you treasure?

Fires can have devastating effects on people, property, and those they love. Lives are lost, property destroyed, and tremendous amounts of time and resources are consumed in recovering.

Our company’s focus is the health and protection of people against fire – not just locally, but nationwide, and even on a global scale.

Fire Suppression Innovations (FSI) focuses on drastically reducing the loss of lives, the damage to property, and the time and resources needed for recovery. With our patented technologies, our commitment is to protect people, lives, and property. At FSI we are constantly innovating to greatly diminish the destructive and catastrophic effects of fires.

It is our chief concern to provide products and technologies that are:

  • Environmentally safe
  • Food safe
  • Safe for equipment
  • Safe for people

Owing to our commitment to the highest standards in the fire protection industry, our products exceed the performance and quality currently found in the industry. That’s what makes us Fire Suppression Innovations.

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GreenFire® is the only solution that gets the job done and is SAFE for everyone. 


    GreenFire® technology came out of a desire to provide something safe for those who put their lives on the line to protect us and our properties. We realized that in providing safe products for individuals to use we would also be protecting our environment. Technology like this has been needed in the industry for many years and now we are proud to play a part in lowering cancer rates in emergency response personnel and in helping clean up the environment.

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When will those you love or your property and equipment be affected by a fire?

My name is Ben Allen, president of Fire Suppression Innovations.  Finding answers to the most important fire GreenFire-icon-1300x867-1-300x200 About Ussuppression issues motivated me to start searching for a better solution to the dangerous fire suppression products on the market.  Fire technology and fire suppression solutions have made little real progress in the last 50 years. They are generally unsafe and toxic components and while putting out the fire cause a lot of damage.  And today, more than 3500 fires start each day throughout the world.

The path to this new technology began with a life-altering experience I had while working as the fire equipment technician for a sawmill in Northern California in 2014.

During 14 years in this profession, I had never seen a town so devastated.

A fire, set by an arson, ripped through the town, burning many homes. Thankfully, no lives were lost. It was all hands on deck, and using all the sawmill’s firefighting resources, together with those of the local fire department, we were barely able to contain this fire.

This got me thinking, “There’s got to be something that can do a better job of getting a fire under control.” I was determined to find a solution, and I started searching what was available through every manufacturer of fire equipment that I could find.

I couldn’t find what was needed. I wanted one versatile solution for a wide variety of fires.

I started experimenting with ideas I had on how existing technologies could be improved. I felt that if I couldn’t shortly come up with a better solution, I may have to give up and settle for what was already available on the market.

Eventually, there was a breakthrough. With some careful design and engineering, I was able to build a brand-new, high performance extinguisher, which outperformed anything I had ever seen. I realized then that this extinguisher could benefit, not just the one client I had, but everyone.

Since then, I have developed a hand held portable extinguisher, a truck mounted unit, and even a vehicle suppression system. All of these are environmentally safe for fish and wildlife, constructed entirely of stainless steel, and manufactured and assembled in the USA.

More recently, our team developed GreenFire®, a new liquid agent unlike anything on the market today. GreenFire® is environmentally safe, non toxic and easy to clear up.  It is suitable for nearly all classes of fires, is non-corrosive, and is even certified by NSF International for use around food.

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GreenFire® is the only solution that gets the job done and is SAFE for everyone. 

  • SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT - Reversing Destruction While Suppressing Fire

    GreenFire® is the only fire suppressant ever to be certified with the National Sanitation Foundation. It can be used in any agricultural or food service location without fear of massive contamination or extraordinary clean-up measures. NSF international recommends simply using a mild cleanser and water to make any surface covered with GreenFire® safe for food preparation. This obviously has an unparalleled advantage when considering its use in facilities such as schools, hospitals, care facilities, universities, and other institution that have cafeterias or break rooms.

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