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GreenFire® Fire Suppression Technology

Non-Toxic ♦ Non-Corrosive ♦ Eco-Friendly ♦ Easy Cleanup

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Greenfire® systems knock down and put out intense blazes in a hurry. But Greenfire® protection goes even further. Where other suppression systems often cause further damage due to corrosion, contamination, or even toxicity, Greenfire® systems continue to protect what’s valuable, even after the blaze is extinguished.

GreenFire® Fire Suppression Foam rapidly extinguishes and prevents re-ignition of fires.  Its stable foam structure and adherence to surfaces of any angle smother flames completely. Its retardant properties prevent ignition or re-ignition. It penetrates into porous materials and removes heat far quicker than other suppressants.

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Cancer is a major concern in the fire industry. In California Proposition 65 was created to identify products that possess cancer causing chemicals. GreenFire® products contain ZERO chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or any other reproductive harm. GreenFire® technology sets the bar when it comes to safety for people.

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GreenFire® is the only solution that gets the job done and is SAFE for everyone. 

Eco Friendly Fire Suppression

FSI’s proprietary GreenFire® suppressant is specially formulated to use only environmentally friendly ingredients that are biodegradable and non-toxic.

Equipment Safe Fire Suppression

GreenFire® has been carefully formulated to minimize damage to equipment and inventory. It cleans up easily and is non-corrosive.

Effective and reliable

FSI’s GreenFire® systems far outperform most common fire extinguishers. You can service them yourself, guaranteeing they’ll be ready when you need them.

Food Safe Fire Suppression

GreenFire’s® proprietary formulation is ideal for locations where food is stored or handled. It is non-toxic, protecting food from both fire and contamination.

Water Saving Fire Suppression

Extinguish fires faster and with a fraction of the water, using our GreenFire® extinguisher/suppressant system.

Safety First!

The GreenFire® system can extinguish fires safely from up to 100′ away, keeping you out of harm’s way.

GreenFire® Fire Suppression Technology

  I have never seen a product like this, it will change the future of the fire service, this is very exciting.  

Chad Selk

Fire Ops/Hazmat Specialist

Riverside City Fire Dept.

 Green Fire allows us to protect our cultivated lands without fear of chemical contaminates… it eliminates the old problem powder extinguishers created: filling a room with chemical dust and ruining all our product.

Brandon Miller

Co-Founder and Vice President,

Commanche Creek Farms (Certified Organic)

 In the plumbing and construction world, we have been lacking of a product of this nature… It is truly quite amazing to use something that works so efficiently to prevent fire flare-ups while soldering or welding in a high burn risk area…  

Seth Sundquist


Ironwood Plumbing

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GreenFire® is the only solution that gets the job done and is SAFE for everyone.